Contract and Litigation Management

On Cloud

OTOQUAL Contract Management

Cloud based platform for Enterprise

Central Repository

Centralise contract repository - quick access to all contracts and supporting documents

Automated Life Cycle

Automate contract life cycle from contract drafting, review, approval till the signature process

Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting dashboard and analytics make contract monitoring easy and achieve visibility across all contracts

Obligation Management

Manage task and contract obligation and assign to respective user to take required action

Version Controlling

Track versions and amendments of contract made during negotiation.

Alerts and Notifications

Send auto alerts and notifications for important dates, contract expiry and renewal dates

Ensure compliance

Ensure contract compliance through enforcing contract workflow and process

Legal Matters

Provide detail information of all Legal mattes related to contract if contract goes into dispute

Reduce Sales Cycle Time

Accelerate the sales cycle by automating contract creation from pre approved templates and integrating with electronic signature technology

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